I started Railspur in 2019. At the time, I had just wrapped up working with my first startup after leaving Shopify.

I felt like there was a lack of guidance and content across the Shopify ecosystem. At the same time, I had fielded conversations from a number of companies that were looking to replicate the success we achieved in building out the Shopify app ecosystem. I thought I could help both sides of this equation – building on top of a marketplace, and building a marketplace.

Since, I've completed long term consulting work with more than a dozen companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises. We've advised on product, growth, and operations with startups, and ecosystem design and development with larger companies. We've also worked with a number of investors (VC and PE) as they learn about the ecommerce SaaS landscape.

In 2021, I'm drastically cutting back my consulting business as I've joined Tydo to lead partnerships again. For now, Railspur will focus on content and my investment and advisory roles.

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